Please note that the fees will vary slightly in 2021 as Dr Kam is now consulting from Doncaster Eye Centre. The following information is provided so that Dr Kam’s patients and referrers have a more informed understanding of the likely costs:


  • Generally for routine appointments, expect to pay between $100-$350 and then you may receive a Medicare rebate of $30-$150.


  • For cataract surgery, Dr Kam’s fee is $1800 with a Medicare rebate of $588.30 plus any private insurance rebate. Day surgery hospital costs and anaesthetist costs are in addition to this and range depending on insurance coverage. If you have private health insurance you will only need to pay for the excess and gap amount for surgery, whereas if you have Medicare only, then you have to pay the full amount, after which you will receive a rebate.


  • A more specific fee-estimate will be provided to you prior to any surgery at your appointment.


How do I make an appointment to see Dr Kam to discuss surgery?

Please call Doncaster Eye Centre on (03) 8850 4000 to book in an appointment.