The following information is provided so that Dr Kam’s patients and referrers have a more informed understanding of the likely costs, and are an estimate only:


  • Generally for initial appointments expect to pay between $200-$400 and then you may receive a Medicare rebate of $70-$160.


  • For cataract surgery, Dr Kam’s fee is $500 out of pocket if you have private health insurance that covers cataract surgery. If you do not have private health insurance cover, then the surgeon’s fee will be $2100 with a Medicare rebate of $603.10 if eligible. Day surgery hospital costs and anaesthetist costs are in addition to this, and depend on the hospital the surgery is performed at.
  • A more specific fee-estimate will be provided to you prior to any surgery at your appointment.


How do I make an appointment to see Dr Kam to discuss surgery?

Please call Inner East Eye Surgeons on (03) 8518 0300 to book in an appointment.